LILAMA 69-3 manufacture vertical mills for Song Thao Cement Plant (1 million tons per year)

Friday - 03/02/2017 05:00

LILAMA 69-3 manufacture vertical mills for Song Thao Cement Plant (1 million tons per year)

LILAMA 69-3 has manufactured vertical mills with localization ratio of 70%. This is a significant fruit resulted from “in depth” investment of equipments, working-force qualification, science research and technology development of LILAMA 69-3.

Three vertical mills manufactured by LILAMA 69-3 are: Raw mill (200 tons/h); Clinker mill (104 tons/h) and Coal mill (20 tons/h). Beside such imported parts as: rollers, grinding bed, control system, motor and ball bearing, all other parts are made by LILAMA 69-3.

Local manufacture of those mills resulted by cooperation of many science departments: material technology, semifinished product producing technology, welding technology, mechanical manufacture technology. Testing procedures must be strictly complied with German testing standards (DIN, DIN EN,DIN ISO).

Such tests applied for product quality controll as: X-ray test (RT), Penetration test (PT), Magnetic test (MT), Ultrasonic test (UT), Hardness test, temperature sensor from a distance with many modern testing equipments carried by technicians trained by Vietnam-Germany technology training and transfer center – Directorate for standards, metrology and quality and Nuclear technology and science Institute.

In manufacture duration, LILAMA 69-3 was consulted by LOESCHE’s specialists and Vietnamese leading professors of machine manufacture technology of Hanoi University of Technology, Hanoi University of Civil Engineering in order to set up theory base, design calculation method, experiment method and alignment method in manufacture technology to ensure accurateness of all geometric dimensions.

At the same time, LILAMA69-3 has constructed coal and gas thermal treatment system for casting and big-sized welding semi-finished products with volume of thermal treatment furnace up to 330 m3.

To date, LILAMA69-3 is the pioneering manufacturer in Viet Nam has successfully manufactured vertical mills with localization ratio up to 70%. All three vertical mills are checked and accepted by LOESCHE’s specialists.

- LILAMA 69-3 February 11 2009 - written by Van Tu -

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