Song Thao Cement Plant inaugurated

Friday - 03/02/2017 20:17
On 22nd November 2009, at Phu Tho province, House and Urban Development Corporation, LILAMA Vietnam Corporation and Phu Tho Cement Factory hold inauguration ceremony of Song Thao Cement Plant. The Prime Minister attends and cuts the inauguration band.
Song Thao Cement Plant was started to work in April 2004, with annual capacity of 1 million tons of cement. This is a national model project in mechanical localization, with total volume of mechanical equipment manufactured locally of 6,700 tons, equivalent to 60 % total equipment volume of the whole project. LILAMA Corporation – with the role of the chief of EPC Consortium Contractor, House and Urban Development Corporation – the Owner and Phu Tho cement joint stock Company co-operate the project.

            This is the first Vietnam-made cement factory, which done by Vietnamese from design, equipment manufacture and supply to erection and operation. This project stamps LILAMA 69-3 as a leading unit in Vietnam Mechanical Industry with the key role in equipment and machinery design, manufacture and erection. Among all LILAMA69-3’s outstanding achievements, there are three “The Best” that contributed by LILAMA 69-3 to the successful project, namely: The biggest local equipment supplier; The most science-technology research applied Contractor; And the Contractor which manufactures and erects the most difficult items with the biggest contract price among all stage-EPC Contractors and with the highest localization rate.  

              Up to this time, all work-load done by LILAMA 69-3 has accomplished totally and put in to performance operation. During the execution of the project, all LILAMA 69-3’s staffs and workers work with high creativeness and responsibility and contribute considerably to put the factory into effective operation. From now on, Song Thao Cement Factory is capable of supplying 1 million ton of PCB30, PCB40, and PCB50 cement per year to the market. 

              The Prime Minister highly appreciates the results obtained by House and Urban Development Corporation and LILAMA Corporation and its stage-EPC Contractors in this project. The factory comes into operation bring about meaningful values for Phu Tho’s people. He also emphasizes at the ceremony that the EPC model should be disseminated widely in the coming time and encourages applying 8 groups of mechanical localization in cement industry, that being in big concern of the Government. All authorized Ministries, Committees; Branches and related units must continue to rise up equipment localization proportion in combination with to master the process of technology design.

              Also attending the ceremony, there are the Chairman/ General Director of LILAMA 69-3 – Mr. Vu Van Hau and leaders of other LILAMA Corporation members.  

              Besides Song Thao cement plant, LILAMA 69-3 also in the role of major contractor in manufacture and erection equipment for such project as: Hoang Thach Cement Plant, Thanh Liem Cement Plant, Huong Duong Cement Plant, Thanh Cong Cement Plant, Ha Long Cement Plant, Truong Thach Cement Plant... which are all in final stage and coming put into operation.  

               Song Thao Cement Plant comes into operation successfully marks a significant growth of LILAMA 69-3 in the era of international integration.        

                                      - LILAMA 69-3/ Reported by Van Tu -

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