Appointment of the senior personnel of Lilama 69-3 joint-stock company

Wednesday - 23/11/2016 02:56
Implementing the instructions of the Member Council under Vietnam Lilama Corporation about approval of the resignation letter of the Chairman of Lilama 69-3 Joint Stock Company, Mr. Vu Van Hau, on the first date of September, 2015
the Board of Directors of Lilama 69-3 joint stock company did have a meeting about dismissing Mr.Vu Van Hau from the Chairman to be a member of the Board of Directions. Also, Mr. Le Bien – Mechanical Engineer cum Master of Europe Industrial Design, member of the Board of Directors and CEO of Lilama69-3 JSC, was elected as Chairman of Lilama69-3 Joint Stock company since the first date of September, 2015. 
In the meeting, the Board of Directors appointed Mr. Cao Viet Cuong, Engineer of Economic & Mechanical, Masters of Business Administration, Deputy General Director to serve as General Director of Lilama 69-3 since the first date of September, 2015, replacing Mr. Le Bien. 
Mr. Cao Viet Cuong – New General Director of Lilama 69-3 JSC
Mr. Vu Van Hau now, is in position as a member of the Board of Directors, Secretary of the Party Committee of Lilama 69-3 JSC 
Mr. Le Bien, new Chairman and Mr. Cao Viet Cuong, new General Directors are diligent officers, growing-up and having strong attachment to Lilama69-3 JSC since right after graduating from Hanoi University of Technology. In order to be appointed into such important positions, they already worked and learned in many different positions in executive management as well as direction works in production and execution at site. 
Decisions about changing the senior personnel of Lilama 69-3 were published and launched on the first date of September, 2015 under witness of the Board of Directors and Managers of Lilama 69-3 joint stock Company 
In the meeting about Appointment of the senior personnel, new Chairman and new General Director, of Lilama 69-3 joint-stock company
(Mr. Vu Van Hau - Secretary of the Party Committee, former Chairman spoke at the meeting about announcing the appointment decisions)
Mr. Le Bien (on the lelft) was appointed as the Chairman 
                                Mr. Cao Viet Cuong (on the left) was appointed as a General Director                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   - Lilama69-3 News - 

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